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About us

We aim to capitalize on the “Best Practices” and “Strengths” of our Members by commercializing the procurement of maritime products and services.

GenPros’ objectives are to enhance efficiencies and efficacies in the procurement process and drive corresponding efficiencies and efficacies for its Members vessels’ opex costs, and additionally to return real value to the vessel owner by way of volume related discounts in a fully transparent and auditable manner.

To be the BEST independent procurement company and ensure we deliver the highest standard of quality services to our Clients, while always aiming for Perfection and Excellence, by:

Building the most relevant, competitive, comprehensive quality repository of supply contracts worldwide.

Ensuring honest and transparent dealing at all times, and fair competition amongst our suppliers & service partners.

Strengthening and sustaining partnerships for mutual benefit through innovative and tailored solutions.

Trust. Creating and upholding relationships of complete trust between all partners.

We treat our colleagues, clients and business partners with respect. We respect and protect the environment, and are socially responsible. We believe in caring and giving back.
We take personal responsibility of our actions and own results while we actively seek for solutions. We act comprehensively and verifiably to the benefit of our company and its clients.
We are stronger when we work together. We care and support one another both personally and professionally. We remain humble as no single person is bigger than the team.
We build on Trust with transparency. We know how hard it is to gain trust and equally know how easily it can be broken. That is why we conduct ourselves with integrity at all times.
We take pride in and enjoy our work. We understand our clients’ needs and expectations and are dedicated to excel through quality and determination.
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