GenPro’s Sustainability mission is to drive Sustainability throughout the procurement process and generate viable efficiencies and efficacies for its Members and Suppliers in a fully transparent, measurable, and sustainable manner.


The Profitable, Socially Responsible and Ethical coexistence of GenPro, its Members and Contracted Suppliers.

At GenPro, Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Since the company’s inception in 2017 we have been navigating through a “stormy” albeit rewarding ocean of trusting and meaningful relationships, today we proudly can say that the GenPro family and network of partners is strong and ready to take on any future challenges while simultaneously and actively driving a positive impact on society and the planet.

With a genuine & radiating vision acting as our luminous Sustainability Beacon and committed to adding value, we embark into a fascinating journey of innovation, diversity & inclusion, and transparency for a more sustainable future.

Our Sustainability Vision is to become the Socially and Environmentally Responsible Leading Procurement partner of choice in the Marine and Trading Ecosystem.

As procurement leaders, we are committed to driving Sustainability into every process we follow and inspire our ecosystem in which we operate, to embrace our Sustainability Values. This is also reflected in our Mission.

GenPro aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) which aim to create a better world by 2030, by ending poverty, fighting inequality, and all while tackling climate change by working to preserve our oceans and forests.


Supporting our Suppliers & Clients every step of the way


Staying ahead & understanding new International Regulations & Quality Requirements


Shaping the Future


Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

The Sustainability plan in force focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. It encapsulates the environmental, social, and economic impact of every single aspect of our work and has a rapidly growing effect in our cooperation between GenPro, its Members, their managed fleet and GenPro’s Suppliers. At GenPro we endorse and promote environmentally friendly choices regarding products, procedures, and suppliers.

Throughout 2020 GenPro carried out a series of thought-provoking Webinars where Suppliers and Members were invited to jointly participate in.  The subjects presented and further discussed included:

  • Introduction to GenPro’s Sustainability Strategy
  • Green Supply Chain
  • Provisions Quality Management
  • Stores & Provisions Packing
  • NCR & Handling
  • International Regulations on Ship Recycling & Hazardous Materials

Being and acting responsibly is no longer a choice it’s the Business Imperative of the Future, without it one cannot remain profitable, relevant, afloat nor ethically relative.

We contribute to the global sustainability vision, we continue respectfully on our path, and stand by our network of esteemed Members and Suppliers to jointly realize our goals.

GenPro’s Sustainability Report will be issued annually, first of which to be released in December 2022.

Sustainability Actions & Initiatives:

  • Minimization of Single Use plastics
  • Reduction of Paper Use
  • Aligns with International Regulations
  • Educates & communicates via dedicated Webinars
  • Maintains a Sustainability Balance Scorecard program
  • Remote Tendering
  • Sustainability in Invitations for Tender
  • Building Partnerships with the Community

Sustainability Buoy

Every month we share with our network inspiring articles from a wide selection of sustainability publications, with the ultimate goal to raise and maintain awareness, expand the reader’s thinking on Sustainability related matters and, foster productive & rewarding partnerships. Click on below to learn more.

January 2023

January’s issue invites you to reshape your sustainability expectations for 2023 through a set of thought provoking articles, some of which may challenge your thinking. Consumer power is strong enough to influence the actions of global governments as well as industries, resulting in increased transparency which can shape the way products are promoted and regulated.

December 2022

December’s edition starts with a look back at 2022 through data visualizations that help explain a changing world as we strive for sustainable, inclusive growth. At the same time, we look ahead with five healthy, economic and eco-friendly New Year’s resolutions.

November 2022

November’s issue of the Sustainability Buoy highlights the importance of Sustainable Sustainability and Purposeful Partnerships. We feature our highly successful Blue Day Event, during which we had the pleasure of hosting a thought-provoking panel discussion on Ocean Circular Economy.

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