Doing the right thing

How We Conduct Ethical Business

Transparency keeps us accountable, ensuring we maintain high ethical standards and adhere to our Open Book Policy. By consistently making ethical choices, we build trust with our colleagues, members, suppliers, and the broader community we serve. Keeping it simple – an honest and responsible service, providing you with peace of mind.

We conduct business with like-minded sustainable suppliers and clients. Contact us for more details on joining GenPro.

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Vetting Suppliers

Vetting Suppliers

At GenPro, our suppliers are evaluated based on stringent criteria including ESG performance.

Sustainability Audits

Supply Chain Audits

We choose to reduce our carbon footprint by combining our physical and remote audits.


Against Corruption

We pledge to break the chains of corruption that hinder progress and harm communities. We prioritize integrity in every partnership and business transaction, contributing to a world where honesty prevails over corruption.

The Fight Against Plastic

Fight Against Single Use Plastics

GenPro supports global initiatives aiming to reduce the use of single use plastics. Suppliers are also required to handle and dispose plastic packaging appropriately.


Data Driven

At GenPro, we believe that if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. We leverage data and analytics to drive measurable improvements. By quantifying key aspects, we track progress and monitor performance continuously.

GenPro Blue Day

We Educate

We use our network to educate, brainstorm and drive innovation by inviting input from all industry stakeholders.

“Profit must be redefined as a holistic concept, digging deeper into value and purpose, encompassing economic success in harmony with environmental governance and social equity.”  Maria Theodosiou, Managing Director, GenPro