GenPro’s Green Day – International Teams Align for Team Building Event

Teamwork and sustainable action were the twin themes of this year’s Green Day event.

GenPro’s Green Day Event format was changed this year to an internal event and paired with an international team building workshop. Moving forward this format will be maintained, aiming to bring teams closer during its Green Day and using its annual Blue Day Events to engage with GenPro’s clients and suppliers.

GenPro’s Green Day

The 2023 internal workshop was hosted by GenPro in Cyprus on 31st March and livestreamed to colleagues in India and Singapore.

The event was opened by GenPro’s Managing Director Maria Theodosiou who welcomed the 26 participants and invited all to continue working with passion and a drive for sustainability, innovation, and excellence.  She added, “Together we have achieved great things so far and the work we do matters.

Our actions as well as our Sustainability initiatives make a positive impact for our Clients, our supply chain, to the lives of seafarers and ultimately to our lives. Let’s continue with the same level of passion and innovation to bring GenPro into a more sustainable future.”

With GenPro’s eyes fixed on reaching the goal of a completely green network by 2025, the event kick-started with three main updates on the sustainability front.  The first update was presented by Christodoulos Manoli, Compliance & Sustainability Officer, who detailed the new GenPro Audit Hybrid Protocols and highlighted that within 2023 GenPro will perform 67 physical supplier audits and 103 remote audits, globally.

Panos Sergiou, Compliance & Sustainability This was followed by Panos Sergiou, Compliance & Sustainability Officer, who provided an insight into GenPro’s new Balanced Scorecards, which evaluate all GenPro suppliers sustainability and compliance maturity levels, based on specifically set KPIs and metrics.

The final update was regarding GenPro’s first Sustainability Report, given by Spiros Tsigaridas, Compliance & Sustainability Senior Manager, who shared an outline ahead of its upcoming release.

After a short break, the highly anticipated team building workshop began. Four teams of six employees were invited to identify a key area of eco-improvement applicable across all GenPro offices and suggest one solution.  The teams were encouraged to consider all areas of office life. Each team was represented by a diverse mix of colleagues, from GenPro’s respective offices.

Communication skills were honed as the teams were only given one week to research and prepare a five-slide presentation – not easy, especially considering time zone differences. On the day, a maximum of two representatives per team were invited to present their idea.

The teams became extremely competitive, especially during the Q&A sessions where a few took the chance to grill their opponents and raise intriguing arguments, causing some moments of laughter!

Maria TheodosiouGenPro’s Top Management, Managing Director Maria Theodosiou and Director Clara Chan scored and selected the best idea, based on originality of concept, feasibility, research effort and presentation delivery.

A big congratulations to ‘The Green Goblins’ for their winning Sustainable Lunch Break idea.

The winning concept fully took in account ESG parameters and aimed to encourage employees to be mindful of taking sustainable lunch breaks – ranging from reducing electricity consumption by switching off monitors to extending laptop battery life as well as utilising dedicated outdoor lunch spaces where possible, thus using less lighting.

The final presentation was co-presented live from Cyprus and Singapore.  The winning idea will be implemented across all GenPro offices in the coming months.

Green QuizA lively interactive Green Quiz concluded the day, with fifteen environmental trivia questions asked.  The participants raced the clock as they competed via their mobile phones, with questions ranging from common knowledge to the more obscure eco trivia.  Everyone received a ‘Green Guru’ diploma of recognition for their efforts.

The team gained a deeper understanding of GenPro’s most important Compliance & Sustainability initiatives and developments for 2023.  Concluding the event, it was clear that the GenPro teams are fully aligned with the company’s Sustainability Vision and Mission.  Common aspirations of bringing about change to the marine supply chain and greater maritime industry is what sets GenPro apart.