GenPro’s approach in regards to its shipchandlers is based on a structured manner, in the Spirit of its Sustainability Vision & Mission, and as such offers partnership support to its suppliers through:

  • Defined Product & Service quality expectations
  • Defined Product Lists able to further optimize Suppliers’ Vendor & Warehouse / Stock Management
  • Training Webinars on best Practices
  • Master Data Management Tools
Carried out
shipchandler audits worldwide in 2019
Inspected over
Covered over
square meters of facilities

In line with GenPro’s mission to deliver the highest standard of quality services to its clients, and ensure that it represents the most competitive, comprehensive quality repository of supply contracts worldwide, GenPro invites all its potential and partner shipchandlers, as part of its tendering process, to participate in a thorough on-site physical audit.

The underlying objective for the audit is to equally support all chandlers so that an accurate proposal/tender can be compiled and submitted, based on GenPro’s expected requirements as well as required quality.

During the audit GenPro investigates and carefully reviews a wide array of parameters including and not limited to compliance, management standards, supplier management, safety & storage of materials following a predefined selection of queries.

GenPro’s audit team conducts its physical audits in cooperation with an array of Technical experts, Member representatives and product specialists, as necessary.

The results of the onsite audit will additionally be considered as to whether or not a supplier is approved to participate in the price evaluation/tender and further be approved for a contract.

GenPro reserves the right to conduct an on-site audit throughout the cycle of any supplier contract and as deemed necessary.

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