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GenPro Arranges a Bulk-Buy Deal to Obtain Oxygen Concentrators and Cylinders for Intermanager Members


GenPro acting as the procurement company of Columbia Shipmanagement, has secured a low price for InterManager’s members to obtain oxygen concentrators and 40 litre oxygen cylinders.

Shipmanagers have pledged to go above and beyond international maritime regulatory requirements taken to tackle Covid-19 challenges after a recent life-threatening scenario when a seafarer suffering from Covid-19 almost died during a long ocean crossing due to a shortage of oxygen. Intermanager members agreed to double the onboard provision of oxygen from one 40 litre cylinder to two. They also recommended stocking oxygen concentrators which can provide a continuous flow.

Always abiding to stringent safety requirements the products sourced by GenPro are manufactured according to WHO standards. The Gas cylinders supplied comply with the ISO 9809-1:2019 and ISO 32:1977 standards.

The onboard provision of medical oxygen ensures that seafarers will get the best possible treatment in cases where Covid-19 causes shortage of oxygen, further supporting the avoidance life-threatening scenarios.

Announcing the new measure, InterManager President and President of Columbia Shipmanagement Mark O’Neil, explained: “This distressing incident highlighted the short comings of the existing requirement for onboard oxygen, particularly when dealing with Covid-19 which can have very serious respiratory effects. Crossing the Pacific Ocean can take 12 days, and it’s seven to eight days to cross the Atlantic. One cylinder of oxygen would not last that long in a medical emergency, which would result in crew members having to ration a patient as they desperately tried to keep them alive until shore could be reached or a medivac arranged.”

He continued: “I’m very grateful to Anglo Eastern for highlighting this issue. It was a matter InterManager members took very seriously and responded to immediately with decisive action. We believe the regulations are not adequate and we need to do more to safeguard the lives of our crew.”

GenPro aligns with its Members and the global community to support in making seafarer’s lives safer and healthier. This initiative also closely follows GenPro’s overall Sustainability Strategy, and people-centric focus.

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