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Posidonia 2024

This year, we are honored to announce that Jan Hoffmann, Head of the Trade Logistics Branch at UNCTAD (UN Trade & Development), will be our keynote speaker.

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Women in shipping have told TradeWinds there is a clear and pressing need for greater visibility of female industry leaders but have said that the sector is changing.

Maria Theodosiou
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We are delighted to announce that Maria Theodosiou, our Managing Director, has been named 19th on the list! This is a tremendous achievement, given that 1,007 women were nominated worldwide from all sectors of the industry. 

GenPro Blue Day
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Following close on the heels of Cyprus Maritime Week, maritime and commercial procurement company GP General Procurement Company Limited (GenPro) held its annual Blue Day Event in Limassol, Cyprus under the auspices of the Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry.

SustainabilityReport 2022 Genpro
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GP General Procurement Company Limited (GENPRO) has released its first sustainability report in accordance with the updated Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Universal Standards.


Over the past decade, the marine supply industry has undergone a tremendous transformation. We have witnessed its adaptation to a number of challenges while it remained hungry for service excellence.

GenPro’s Green Day

Teamwork and sustainable action were the twin themes of this year’s Green Day event.


Extremely cheap, strong, durable and pliable, there is no limit to plastics’ uses and applications. They are a miracle that have saved lives in medicine and brought about an evolution in transportation improving safety, speed and fuel consumption

IMPA Procurement Forum in London
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Meet the GenPro team at the IMPA London on the 10th and 11th of September 2022. Bringing together maritime industry leaders for over 45 years,