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We recognise that we can only achieve our ambition of transformational change by thinking systemically and collaborating with our partners along the value chain and beyond.

In our 2030+ Sustainability Ambition Framework, we have defined how we aim to make progress across our value chain by defining three central levers that will help us achieve and scale up the progress we need: support a green supply chain; promote a socially responsible employment policy amongst all suppliers; and support our suppliers to comply with applicable environmental regulations.

Sustainability Report 2022

GenPro releases its first sustainability report in accordance with the updated GRI Universal Standards – GenPro (

Sustainability Buoy

October 2023

In this issue of Buoy, we look at the ever-evolving landscape of environmental initiatives. The top news stories of October include how the world’s most compact marine hydrogen fuel cell is on the verge of breakthrough, whilst new partnerships emerge in the pursuit of floating offshore wind technology. Elsewhere, we report on how designers are tackling the waste problem of a ‘throwaway culture’ by utilising discarded resources. Read on for more innovative updates.

September 2023

Transparency takes centre stage in this issue, with the EU’s trailblazing initiative to provide detailed product durability information for consumers.
Meanwhile, cutting-edge tech such as AI and real-time modelling are reshaping resource management. We also take a look at the importance of international cooperation, such as the California-Shanghai Green Shipping Corridor which seeks to reduce the eco-footprint of maritime transportation.
The news that EU shipping emissions have rebounded to pre-pandemic levels serves as a stark reminder of the pressing need for ongoing sustainability efforts.

August 2023

As warming oceans threaten to reshape shipping routes, this issue of Buoy looks at a revolutionary AI-powered approach to ocean health. You can also read about shipowners who are venturing into the extraordinary challenge of achieving zero emissions. Other articles explore the latest US initiative for sustainable public procurement, as well as the possibilities of coastal carbon capture. Join us in the journey towards a sustainable future!


Global Facilitator

GenPro is determined to be a facilitator of sustainable partnerships throughout the global supply chain. The company actively supports the sustainable development of all its suppliers and service providers and engages with them regularly.  Together we can develop a supply chain of which we can all be proud.

Our Commitment

Sustainability is embedded in everything we do, and we place it at the core of our business strategy. We are committed to drive sustainability throughout the procurement process while generating viable efficiencies and efficacies in a transparent, measurable and sustainable manner.

Green Supplier Network by 2025

We are determined to achieve a completely green supply network by 2025 and expect our suppliers to meet our strict sustainability criteria. We have implemented a compliance and sustainability dashboard as well as a tool kit so that we can quantify the impact of initiatives on both GenPro and our suppliers.


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    To become the Socially and Environmentally Responsible Leading Procurement Partner of Choice in the Maritime and Business Ecosystem.

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    Our mission is to drive sustainability throughout the procurement process and generate viable efficiencies and efficacies for our members and suppliers in a fully transparent, measurable and sustainable manner.

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    Sustainability Strategy

    GenPro has defined four pillars of sustainability: Planet, People, Peace and Partnership. These pillars form the heart of our decision-making process.

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    We are in regular dialogue with all of our stakeholders, listening carefully to their needs and expectations as well as offering trainings and sharing best practice. Consistent two-way communication means that we and our stakeholders all improve our performance in responding to the demands placed upon us.

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    The fight against plastic

    GenPro runs a number of initiatives designed to eliminate or reduce the amount of single use plastics. This includes banning them from our supply chain other than those which are reusable or recyclable. We also collect and dispose of all packaging materials from vessels whenever possible

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    Engagement Channels

    GenPro has a multifaceted approach to engaging with its stakeholders. We run regular seminars, events and webinars as well as producing circulars, articles and our monthly e-newsletter, Sustainability Buoy, all designed to circulate key information and share the latest sustainability best practice.  You can read more here.

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    Social Responsibility

    We run a number of charity events each year that support our local community and the surrounding environment. Initiatives include tree planting and beach cleaning.

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    Sustainability Report

    We are one of the first maritime & commercial procurement companies to release a sustainability report. It serves as a comprehensive record of our actions throughout 2022, holding us accountable in accordance with updated Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Universal Standards. You can read the full report here.


There are four pillars of GenPro’s sustainability strategy, each equally important.


We will operate in a fully transparent and measurable manner and will look for the same standards from others in our supply chain.


We will provide a nurturing environment and inspiring workplace where our people can thrive.


We will conduct all aspects of our business based on our values of dignity, fairness, equality, and respect.


We will approach every opportunity and challenge with a genuine spirit of partnership, sharing our expertise in all areas.

Diversity, equality and inclusion

We do not tolerate any form of sexism, racism or discrimination of any type.

GenPro believes that a diverse and inclusive workplace adds value to our organisation.

Human Rights

GenPro recognises the inalienable right of every employee to protect their human rights. We look for the same commitment from our suppliers and service providers.

Suppliers’ Corporate Responsibility

Our suppliers are expected to adhere to our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy that encompasses diversity, inclusion, equality, health and safety as well as modern slavery.

Business Ethics

We conduct our business in a strictly ethical and professional manner.  GenPro employees and suppliers are expected to work with honesty, transparency and integrity.  All are required to sign GenPro’s Anti-Bribery, Anti-Corruption and Anti-Conflict Declaration.

Sustainable Procurement

Engaging suppliers

All suppliers are vetted according to a number of criteria including environmental performance and corporate social responsibility.


We conduct regular compliance and sustainability audits of our suppliers which form part of our audit protocol. As part of our strategy, we offer tangible support to our stakeholders to help them achieve measurable improvements.

Here’s what our stakeholders say about GenPro’s impact on their sustainability successes:

Symeon Tsamkosoglou
Wrist Ship Supply
Global Key Account Manager

In terms of sustainability in the maritime industry, Gen Pro is a pioneer and seems way ahead of the rest of the market. We, Wrist, appreciate your efforts and be sure that we are following the same path, aiming for a better future.

Ralph E. Lewis
Newport Fuel Solutions Inc.

GenPro’s sustainability audit raised many good and thoughtful questions that had not occurred to us – providing ideas that have now become an extension of our own internal quality control program. GenPro has played a very important mentor role for us – an invaluable source of information. We are most grateful to be part of the GenPro effort.

Cathy Zhan
HatchTec Marine Service Ltd
Marketing Manager

We appreciated Genpro’s effort and determination in achieving sustainable development. It must be a great step forward for the maritime industry.”


GenPro plays an important role in optimising Members’ procurement decisions.  Our initiatives include:


We have referred to a number of resources and policies throughout.

Sustainability Report

As one of the first maritime & commercial procurement companies to release a sustainability report, we are proud to be at the forefront of supply chain sustainability.

Modern Slavery Statement

Our modern slavery & Anti-Exploitation Policy strictly prohibits any form of exploitation including human trafficking, child labour, forced labour, and commercial sex acts.


GenPro has various policies in place relating to equal & fair employment, tolerance and hybrid working. These policies are all designed to ensure that the human rights of all employees are protected within our workspaces.
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